Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit for Residential Homes 101

You will require a method to treat your home’s wastewater if you are building on land without access to municipal utilities, such as sewage. For a variety of reasons, traditional or conventional septic systems might not be suitable for your land. Or maybe you’d like to build a bigger home on a smaller lot, in which case an Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit can help. Let’s examine aerobic treatment units’ operation, construction, and suitability for your property.

Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

How To Operate Aerobic Treatment ATU Units?

In Aerobic Treatment ATU Units, there are four primary steps. Solids are first separated and stored in a different tank or section of the main tank during the pretreatment stage. The Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit itself, the system’s main component, is the second step.

Here, air is pushed in through an air pump, adding more oxygen to the tank. This accelerates the growth of the bacteria within the tank and aids in the beginning of the breakdown process. The water and remaining solids flow to the settling tank once this is finished.Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

Here, gravity divides the remaining solids from the water. The treated water, or effluent, can subsequently be released into the drain field thanks to this separation. It is possible to use any type of drainfield system, including drip, chamber, conventional, and mound.

Do the Aerobic Treatment ATU Units require maintenance from a residential wastewater treatment system company ?

Sure. In Kansas, homeowners are required to keep their system’s operating permits up to date. Every two years, this needs to be renewed. Additionally, you have to keep up a current maintenance agreement with an authorized business. You can trust a residential wastewater treatment system company to take care of your system maintenance. Although these units are more expensive than conventional ones, they might be the best choice for your property.

Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

The Environmental Benefits of an Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

In fact, they do. You can start the breakdown and treatment process well in advance of the water being sent to your drainfield by adding beneficial bacteria to the tank. As a result, the wastewater breaks down more quickly. Give us a call if you have any questions about which system is best for you.

Understanding the Components of an Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

  • Aeration Chamber: This is the heart of the Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit – where forced air promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria. These bacteria are much more efficient at breaking down waste than their anaerobic counterparts in conventional septic systems.Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit
  • Clarification Chamber: After the aeration chamber, the treated wastewater moves into the clarification chamber. Here, any remaining solids will settle to the bottom. These can then be returned to the aeration chamber for further treatment.
  • Chlorination/UV Disinfection: Before the treated wastewater is discharged, it passes through a disinfection stage. This can either involve chlorination or UV disinfection, both of which are designed to kill any remaining harmful bacteria.
  • Pump Tank: The final stage of the ATU is the pump tank. From here, the treated and disinfected wastewater is pumped out to your drainfield with a residential wastewater treatment system company.

Like all complex systems, Aerobic Treatment ATU Units require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to function effectively. This is a good practice, but it’s also a legal requirement in some states. So if you’re considering an Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit for your property, remember to factor in the cost of ongoing maintenance.Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

However, despite the extra costs, Aerobic Treatment ATU Units offer significant environmental benefits. By getting a  residential wastewater treatment system company before it reaches your drainfield, ATUs help to protect the local environment from contamination. If you’re unsure about whether an ATU is right for your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team at BioMicrobics is always here to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

If you’re not familiar, an aerobic treatment Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit is a tried-and-true wastewater treatment technique. Particularly helpful are ATU units in places without access to municipal sewage systems. Advanced aerobic treatment units (ATUs) are available from BioMicrobics that use biological processes to break down and treat organic contaminants in wastewater.

These Aerobic Treatment ATU Units offer dependable and energy-efficient treatment solutions, making them perfect for small-scale municipal, commercial, and residential applications. To learn more about Aerobic Treatment ATU Units and our other wastewater treatment systems, get in touch with one of our friendly associates.Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

In conclusion, Aerobic Treatment ATU Units (ATUs) offer a powerful and environmentally friendly solution for treating wastewater on properties lacking access to municipal utilities. While they may require a higher initial investment and ongoing maintenance, the benefits they provide make them an excellent choice for many homeowners.

From their efficient treatment process to their lower environmental impact, ATUs represent a significant advancement in wastewater management technology. If you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your current system, consider the advantages of an Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit. At BioMicrobics, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you make the best decision for your property and the environment. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns; your sustainable wastewater solution is just a phone call away.

Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

BioMicrobics serves a variety of industries. We are known as an experienced residential wastewater treatment system company and commercial wastewater treatment system company for multi-family housing, and even in small municipal settings.

Our multi-family wastewater treatment system company is a global leader in sophisticated systems. Our creative ideas are made to address the problems of wastewater management in various environments. BioMicrobics’ advanced methods guarantee successful and efficient outcomes for everything from high strength wastewater treatments to septic system drainfield leach field repair. Our business’s prestigious products, such as the Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit, are the result of years of experience in actual operations.


Aerobic Treatment ATU Unit

Additionally, BioMicrobics offers customized wastewater treatment solutions to niche markets like wineries. The staff at our winery wastewater treatment company is dedicated to creating robust infrastructures for on-site wastewater treatment. This is demonstrative of the FITT®-for-purpose philosophy. Of course, this is necessary to keep both communities and the environment healthy. BioMicrobics is well-positioned to bring together international projects and partners to offer a client-focused service thanks to its developing global distributor network.

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