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What is MacroFITT®?

MacroFITT® is a scaled-up version of the FAST process that is engineered for the needs of community wastewater with flows in the 200,000 GPD – 2 million GPD range. This system is an advanced wastewater treatment system that uses Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment (FAST) to break down organic material and nutrients in wastewater.

How Does it Work?

1. The first compartment acts as a primary clarifier by default. It can be upgraded with the Aeration Management System (AMS) Zone pre-aeration option, which contains LIXOR® pre-aeration devices. The outlets of the first compartment contain SaniTEE screens to hold back larger solids.

2. The second part of the system is the main treatment tank, which contains 20-200 fixed-film treatment modules hosting the attached microbes. Air is delivered to each module using blowers for mixing, recirculation, and oxygen transfer within the fixed media beds.

3. Treated effluent leaves the MacroFITT aeration tank and flows through an optional secondary clarifier.

4. The optional Biosolids Management System, or BMS Zone, provides sludge storage and digestion for wasted biosolids transferred from the main treatment tank.

Product Applications

  • Multi-family properties
  • Clustered subdivisions
  • Small municipalities of 2500-25,000 inhabitants
  • High Strength commercial applications

Sizing the System

ModelGPDm3/dPopulation Equivalent
20200 0007603000 people
30300 00011404500 people
40400 00015006000 people
50500 00019007500 people
60600 00023009000 people
70700 000265010300 people
MacroFITT® XL Models
ModelMGDm3/dPopulation Equivalent
XL 800.8303012000 people
XL 900.9340013500 people
XL 1001.0380015000 people
XL 1201.2455018000 people
XL 1401.4530020600 people
XL 1601.6605024000 people
XL 1801.8680027000 people
XL 2002.0757030000 people