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What is RetroFAST®?

RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement is an advanced treatment unit that upgrades an under-performing septic system. The RetroFAST® unit is made up of a white liner, several blue media blocks, an airlift device, and a remote blower (connected to the airlift via pipe). The blower is the only moving part for the system.

The RetroFAST® is a compactable unit inserted directly into the existing septic tank through a minimum 18” (45cm) manhole. The installation can be completed without the need for heavy machinery, usually in a few hours.

How Does it Work?

As a septic system enhancement, RetroFAST should improve existing drainfield function. Oxygenated water with low organic content will be delivered to the drainfield, promoting a breakdown of the existing biomat layer. This opens more porosity within the soil and improves drainage.

An above-grade blower – the only moving part in the treatment process – pushes air into the airlift, which produces robust recirculation of oxygenated water throughout the submerged media.

The oxygenated water supports the growth of useful microorganisms on the surface of the media. These attached-growth microorganisms break down the organic material in the wastewater.

Microbial growth on the media surface is sloughed off by the vigorous aeration provided by the airlift. The excess solids settle out of the media to the bottom of the tank, where they are stored for intermittent removal.

Treated effluent leaves the RetroFAST module through a built-in baffle into the receiving environment.

Product Applications

  • Retrofit existing septic systems
  • Remediate biologically failed drain fields (leach fields)
  • Single-family homes of 1-5 people

Sizing the Unit

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