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2000-2022 BioMicrobics Awards

“E Star” Award

granted by President of the United States, presented by US Dept of Commerce

Presidential “E”

for Excellence in Exports, granted by the U.S. President, presented by the U.S. Department of Commerce

Exporter of the
Year Award

Environmental – ThinkGlobal /
Commercial News USA
(Official publication of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce)

2011 Kansas
Governor Exporter
of the Year

presented by
the Governor
of Kansas

2022 Winner
American Infrastructure
Brand Survey

American Infrastructure Magazine

2022 Ten
Most Influential Business
Leaders to Follow

President Robert J. Rebori, Featured in Fortune Business Review

2020 Global Decentralized
Water & Wastewater Treatment
Company of the Year

Frost & Sullivan Institute

2019 Top 10 Wastewater
Management Solution

Utilities Outlook Magazine

2017 North American “Integrated
Water Treatment Technology
Leadership” Award

Frost & Sullivan Institute

2017 Top 10 Green
Building Products

BuildingGreen, Inc. for the d-Rain Joint™

2015 Ingenuity
Award Winner

Ingenuity Central at K-State Olathe, Ingenuity Central (IC) showcases innovative companies that exemplify the newest thinking driving our community & growing our economy.

2015 Innovation in Marine
Environmental Technology
Offshore Excellence Award

based on environmental impact with marine sanitation devices and technology.

2014 “BEST of
GreenBuild” Editor’s
Choice Award

U.S. Builder’s Review, “Creating Better Water Treatment Solutions for a Better World“ article.

2011 North
American Technology
Innovation Award

(Decentralized Commercial Outlets), Frost & Sullivan Institute

2011 New
Product of the
Year Award

(Recycling) – BioBarrier® MBR System, Environmental Protection (EPOnline)

2010 North
American Technology
Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan Institute

2009 Technology Merit
Business Achievement

Water/Wastewater, Environmental
Business Journal

2002 U.S.
Export Achievement

US Dept. of Commerce, US & Foreign Commercial Service

2000 U.S. EPA
Environmental Technology
Innovator Award

U.S. EPA, Region 1, SeptiTech®