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What is RollsAIR®?

The RollsAIR® Extended Aeration Wastewater Treatment System is a suspended growth system designed to handle 200,000 – 2,000,000 GPD flows of residential or commercial wastewater.

The pre-engineered system combines the LIXOR® Submerged Aeration Devices with BioMicrobics’ patented screening devices, MyTEE® and SaniTEE® for a robust, relatively low-cost approach to small community wastewater treatment.

How Does it Work?

Wastewater enters the settling chamber, where a SaniTEE® or MyTEE® screen prevents litter and debris from entering the treatment tank.

Remote blowers introduce high volumes of oxygen into the treatment tank via the LIXOR® devices on the floor of the tank.

Supported by the organic content of the wastewater and thorough oxygenation, suspended microbes break down organic matter, including pathogens, in the water.

Treated effluent passes through a clarifier and exits the system for dispersal into the receiving environment.

Sludge is stored for removal in sludge-holding tanks integrated into the system.

Product Applications

  • Multi-family properties
  • Clustered subdivisions
  • Small municipalities of 2500-25,000 inhabitants
  • High Strength commercial applications

Sizing the System

Selected models shown below. Contact BioMicrobics for more sizing options, and for guidance in designing your system.

ModelGPDm3/dPopulation Equivalent
2.020 00076300
3.030 000114450
4.040 000152600
6.060 000227900
8.080 0003031200
12.0120 0004551800
16.0160 0006062400
20.0200 0007603000
30.0300 00011404500
40.0400 00015006000
60.0600 00023009000
80.0800 000303012000
120.01 200 000455018000
160.01 600 000605024000
200.02 000 000757030000