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What is HighStrengthFAST®?

The HighStrengthFAST® system is an advanced wastewater treatment system that uses Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment (FAST) to break down organic material and nutrients in wastewater.

A treatment tank containing the HighStrengthFAST module receives wastewater from the facility and is typically placed after a primary settling tank or septic tank. The HighStrengthFAST module contains blocks of fixed media and a patented airlift device placed inside a rectangular liner.

The HighStrengthFAST media is selected for heavy-duty solids loading and blowers are selected for intensive aeration.

How Does it Work?

An above-grade blower – the only moving part in the treatment process – pushes air into the airlift, which produces robust recirculation of oxygenated water throughout the submerged media.

The oxygenated water supports the growth of useful microorganisms on the surface of the media. These attached-growth microorganisms break down the organic material in the wastewater.

Microbial growth on the media surface is sloughed off by the vigorous aeration provided by the airlift. The excess solids settle out of the media to the bottom of the tank, where they are stored for intermittent removal.

Treated effluent leaves the HighStrengthFAST module through a built-in baffle into the receiving environment.

Product Applications

  • Used alone or in conjunction with tertiary treatment options (e.g., NitriFAST® for further nitrogen reduction)
  • Restaurants, coffee stands, bars
  • Agricultural and industrial facilities with organic effluents

Sizing the Units

1.09003400Consult Factory

*Consult factory for system sizing based on wastewater characteristics.