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What is LIXOR®?

LIXOR® is a submerged aeration system that mixes and aerates wastewater, creating an environment for aerobic bacteria to thrive. These aerobic bacteria are responsible for biodegrading the organic matter in the wastewater. The system can be used in various ways as part of an overall wastewater plant design to help achieve desired treatment goals.

How Does it Work?

The LIXOR system is equipped with an above-ground regenerative blower that brings a large volume of air into the submerged LIXOR devices. The LIXOR devices use venturi chambers, which create a vacuum that pulls in surrounding liquid and breaks the incoming air stream into smaller bubbles. The result is a turbulent plume of oxygenated water. Bubbles travel through the water, transferring oxygen for biological activity, and creating vertical and horizontal mixing patterns.

Product Applications

  • Installed in new or existing tanks
  • Used alone to aerate an anoxic chamber
  • Used upstream of a treatment unit, such as MyFAST® or MacroFITT®

Sizing the LIXOR®

Find below a selection of model numbers. More model numbers are available in even numbers from 8.0 to 32.0. Consult factory for sizing guidance.

ModelMaximum Water DepthMaximum Air Release DepthMax Tank VolumeMax BOD Loading
4.0*9274824412 00045.45826.3
6.0*9274824415 00056.89040.8
8.09274824424 00090.812054.4

*For LIXOR models 4.0, 8.0, and up, there are XD model options available with maximum water depth of 12 ft (366 cm) and Maximum Air Release Depth of 11ft (335 cm); the max tank volume and max BOD loading are the same as the non-XD model number.