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What is StormTEE®?

The StormTEE® screen separates debris and litter carried by storm water runoff before the water enters the treatment system (such as BioSTORM® Storm Water Treatment System), detention ponds, or storm sewers.

How it Works?

The StormTEE® typically connects a settling tank to the second stage of storm water flow (treatment tank, storm sewers, etc.). The screen has diverters at the top and the bottom. The angled slots in the screen deflect debris and litter, and can be cleaned in place by two external swabs.

Product Applications

  • Used alone or in conjunction with BioSTORM® Stage II Storm Water Treatment System
  • New construction or retrofit
  • Storm sewers

Sizing the Screen

Max FlowScreen Body DiameterScreening Slot Width
ModelCubic Feet per SecondLiters per SecondInch(mm)Inch(mm)
SMT 8381.542.58(203)3/8(9.5)
SMT 16385.014216(406)3/8(9.5)