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What is ABC®?

ABC® (Anoxic BioFilter Clarifiers) is a family of specialty clarifiers. Each of these devices are designed for use as a secondary clarification device after FAST®.

  • ABC®-N: Used when very low total nitrogen numbers are required for the effluent.
  • ABC®-C: Used to settle out additional TSS in secondary effluent.
  • ABC®-P: Used when very low phosphate numbers are required for the effluent.

How Does it Work?

ABC®-N: A chemical feed pump supplies a carbon source to the waste stream exiting the FAST treatment tank; the ABC-N promotes the growth of bacteria that will denitrify the wastewater before discharge into the receiving environment. The ABC-N acts as a post-anoxic denitrification process.

ABC®-C: Secondary effluent flows up through ABC-C media, reducing the velocity of suspended solids and promoting settling. Clarified effluent leaves the ABC-C through a built-in baffle connecting to the outlet of the tank.

ABC®-P: A chemical feed pump adds a phosphorous-precipitating chemical into the waste stream exiting the FAST treatment tank; the ABC-P promote the flocculation and coagulation of the phosphorous, which then settles out of the wastewater.

Sizing the ABC®

Maximum Treatment CapacityMinimum Tank Volume
0.5Consult Factory4501700
4.5422015 975
9.0844031 950

*Treatment capacity is specialized to each application and must be designed on an individual basis by BioMicrobics engineering.